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Let’s work together…more like, have fun together!


Corporate Trainer, Speaker & Coach

If you’re looking for a high energy, committed, no-excuses speaker, coach or trainer, we might be a fit.

Inspirational? Yes. Fun? Absolutely? Gonna tell you and your team what you want to hear? Probably not.

Listen, we love helping individuals and companies soar but I find too often that what keeps folks from progress is their unwillingness to look at the hard stuff and their resistance to having the hard conversations.

If you wanna JUST have a good time, my team and I can do that (lol) but you need to specify that on your initial query in the “Anything else we need to know” section, and I guarantee you I’ll make you look like a superstar for finding us.

My booking pro is a wonderful, relatable soul who’ll take excellent care of you. Get started by filling out the query form below.


I’ve ghostwritten several best-selling books and depending on my schedule may be available to either write yours or coach you through it. Please prepare for a minimum of a five-figure investment if you wish to have your book ghostwritten.

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