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$10,000 for 30 mins?

As I said a few days ago, I had no idea speaking was such a lucrative profession until I went to speak to a Fortune 100 company in college.

Because I was a scholarship student athlete I couldn’t be paid for my talk but I did ask the company executive an important question, “If you could’ve paid me today, how much would you have paid me to share “Championship Team Secrets?” Read More

What a Billionaire Told Me about My Business

A few years ago I was speaking at a marketing event.
Ironically I was speaking right before a billionaire, Bill Bartmann. Read More

Myron Golden Sold 139,000 Books With My Help

“I’ve sold over 139,000 copies of my book…of all of the gurus that teach how to get publicity, Fran Harris is the one that I’ve actually seen on TV the most” ~ Myron Golden


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